My neighborhood is better than your neighborhood.

skelecard.jpgPeople are weird. Even more so late at night, something I found out last night when I rolled into the Arco by my house in Atwater Village to pick up a cold beverage. Normally, there are some weird folks chillin in the area and I’m pretty used to it. Harmless homeless people, some drunks from the Roost of the Bigfoot Lodge, nothing too exciting. I don’t know the dudes who work at the Arco anymore but they’re normally pretty pleasant. Last night was no different, well, mostly. I walked in and said hi to duder behind the counter who I saw was eating a burrito. When I came to the counter with my frosty Cherry Coke he rang me out and then showed me this little book that was sitting next to him.

“Do you know what this is?” he said to me.

“Uh, yeah. I said.” Thinking it was some tarot cardy sort of thing.

He went on to tell me that his little book with the death tarot card (allegedly) on the front was somehow a document that helped him to follow Death. Like, worship Death. Y’know, like the dude with the scythe and the bones and the taking you away when you die. Right. Now, granted, I didn’t understand everything duder was saying to me, but he was super pumped because he had just been reading his little Death Bible and thinking about how he wanted a burrito and ZING! somebody just came and brought him a burrito! I was slightly confused but he kept telling me about how following Death was crazy but it SO worked. There was a story about a very upset customer who upon brandishing a gun was made to disappear and something about rap-rock music that “the kids” listen to.

It wasn’t too long before a lady came in and needed her Powerade fix at which point I quickly excused myself. As I walked back down the alley to my house I thought about how, just hours before, I’d seen a middle-aged man in a white sweatsuit dancing about while walking his little, puffy, white dog singing about sticking his balls in the weirdest of places.

Man, my neighborhood is rad.

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  1. I’ll run right out and add Atwater after dark to my tour guide routine for when I have relatives from back east visiting…

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