Good morning, Los Angeles…


…and welcome to your local supermarket, where we offer only the freshest produce and finest products for your gustatory pleasure.

Or you can just strip naked and roll around like a rutting animal in these zingers and twinkies and ho-ho’s.


Seriously, the automatic double doors whooshed opened and there they were–this altar to hydrogenated oils and fractionated palm kernel oil and high-fructose corn syrup–sweet ambrosia of the gods!–glowing blue and white in the half-light of the dawn. Mmmmm, ding dongs. Beakfast of kings. Thank you Ralphs market, for reminding me where my priorities should lie.

10 thoughts on “Good morning, Los Angeles…”

  1. mmmm…frozen ding dongs…my favorite summer treat, whoops…forgot I’m not back in MO anymore for a second. Um..pass me the bowl of cherry’s?

  2. Oh Lucinda in the heartland if you can’t deep fry it you freeze it…and sometimes you do both.

  3. A Devil Dog is a cross between a suzie-q and an unfrosted moonpie. Similar concept chocolate cake thingy filled with a deadly lard based “butter cream”.

  4. LOL!! Okay, Frazgo, that description helped me not at all! Not your fault, but I’ve never seen a moonpie and I have vaguely heard of suzie-q’s. I’ll google them all…

    See what happens when you grow up in the tropics? It was all about li hing mui, manapua and botan rice candy.

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