Punk Rock Tribute Tonight!


[click to biggify] Can you think of anything better to do tonight that to go see this show? Tributes to the Ramones, Black Flag, The Misfits, and The Clash? Because I certainly can’t.

6 thoughts on “Punk Rock Tribute Tonight!”

  1. dang the good stuff always happens on school nights when I got Dad stuff to do with the kidlets and its such a deal for the good stuff!

  2. Frazgo- I’ll bring my kiddo if you bring yours. It’ll be awesome! (Right up to the part where they don’t let us in. And my son has a past-bedtime meltdown)

  3. the knitting factory is an all age club so us punk rock parents can bring the kiddies. Pay $10.00 buks per kid, have they complane that the bands are not playing “Hanna Montanah” and have their past bed time melt downs and/or the past bed time lost-to-the-world-clumsy-falling-down (well then they we could pass them off as drunk) and send them to school Friday sleepy and grumpy-try to explane that to the school staff!!

  4. lol Annika, no problems keeping them awake..getting them up for school is the problem. Not to mention the 4th graders propensity to melt down if he doesn’t get enough sleep the night before. ITs a deal once school is over…

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