MT&R is now the Paley Center for Media

paleycenter-logo.jpgOne of the first jobs I had in L.A. was with the Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills. I started out as an intern, but continued working at MT&R while I was still in college. Over the years, I have also volunteered to work special events like their annual Gala and Paley Festival, but now it’s been so long that I only hear of things happening via press release.

It looks like MT&R is changing its name so it doesn’t sound antiquated in a world of digital media. Abandoning the MT&R moniker it has held since it changed its name from the broader “Museum of Broadcasting” that the organization was founded as, it’s now known as the Paley Center for Media.

Though its current collection is still focused on radio and television, I’m not sure if the “media” umbrella means that their collection will expand to things like podcasts or programming created for online viewing. Regardless, I think a really important development is that they’ll be offering some of their events to people through their website. (I think that idea was a long time coming and I’m glad they’ve found the partners to make it happen.)

Going forward, the Paley Center will offer more of these discussions to the public through their redesigned website and through content partnerships with prominent Internet portals and broadband companies, including Yahoo! and Comcast, who will offer the content on their websites as well. Users will be able to access Paley Center events, such as cast discussions with some of the most recognized award-winning shows in contemporary television including 24, CSI, The Daily Show, Desperate Housewives, Entourage, Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Law & Order, Lost, Sex and the City, South Park, and Weeds.

I look forward to seeing how they develop and release their museum programming in the future.