, end of story

I just saw the news on Franklin Avenue that is going to be closing it’s doors once and for all. This isn’t a huge surprise as it’s been a long time since new things happened there and the future has been up in the air for years. That said, I can’t report that news without feeling a little bummed – Jonah and were a huge inspiration to all of us with blogs relating to Los Angeles back in the very early days and as I’ve said before the blogroll was one of the things that gave Jason and I the idea to build in the first place. He’s still working on Digesty and not going anywhere, but will always have a special place in my memory.

3 thoughts on “, end of story”

  1. Sean – word. Jonah’s work at proved to be a tremendous resource and inspiration for anyone trying to keep track of the logarithmic spawning of new L.A. blogs. Thanks for everything, Jonah, I don’t think or LAVoice would be quite what they are today without your presence.

  2. Thanks folks for the kind words, much appreciated. I really enjoyed the time I put into LABlogs. The thing about a labor of love is that when you stop loving it, you stop laboring on it!

    It’s more that I got involved in la.foodblogging and Digesty than fell completely out of love with though.

    I have always appreciated the support from all of you guys.

    Rock on. Who knows, if I retire on a stack of cash, someday maybe I’ll have time to work on it again.

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