justice isn’t blind. it’s stupid.

TMZ reports that Paris Hilton was moved from her tiny jail cell into her 4000 square foot home to complete her sentence due to a “medical condition.”

Reporters hammered away about Paris’ medical condition during a press conference in front of the jail, where she was released early this morning, but Whitmore said that due to confidentiality laws, he could not discuss even the slightest health-related details.

In a related story, “rich, white celebrity” is now known as a medical condition.

I’m sure that everyone else in Los Angeles County will be happy to know that our legal system is equally applied to everyone, without regard to race, sex, or class.

12 thoughts on “justice isn’t blind. it’s stupid.”

  1. sadly the only color that the justice system isn’t blind to is green…the more you have the less likely you’ll pay the time

  2. The rumor is the “medical condition” was that Ms. Hilton refused to eat the food. Perhaps that will work for other inmates. Good luck with that.

    My favorite bit is the officials who are saying she isn’t being “released”, but “reassigned”. Yea, nothing like being reassigned from a 96sq. ft. cell to a space of around 3000 to 4000 square feet around her home. Maybe some other inmates can get reassigned there as well.

  3. I guess booze withdraw is a medical condition now
    huh? This is a F*%#ing joke, this system is so f***ed up, it goes to show you, it pays to rich and blond in this country. Party at Paris house!!!

  4. She’s role model for all the other rich, spoiled,
    drunk party girls out there, get a note from
    your doctor, beat the rap.

  5. Welllllllll.. at least now we all know Paris can ACT… Cry, don’t eat, pretend depression on loss of hair extensions.. and walah .. Jail time is over!

  6. Maybe she can put that ankel braclet on “Tinkerbell”, and let her run the streets
    of Beverly Hills to throw the cops off
    why she goes on another drunken road trip.

  7. I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure her “medical condition” is that she has money shooting out of her ass.

    What’s more disgusting (and where we should be looking) is that THAT WORKED. Whose signature is on the release form and why?

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