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artwalkjpg.jpg It isn’t often that a new artist has a chance to show their work without having to donate a precious gender identifying piece of their body, but there are a few out there. The Monrovia Art Festival Association is a venue only a few artists know about and may be worth your checking out. Monrovia in case you haven’t heard is a growing art and artists community and received recognition for the same in last years Southwest Art magazine.

First big news is that they are looking for artists for this summers Art Walks to be held the evenings of June 30, July 28 and August 25 in the heart of Old Town Monrovia on North Myrtle Avenue. This years events will be tied with Art Events at the local galleries and sponsored in part again by the Old Towne Merchants association. This is a fine art event not to be confused with the Family Festival and its crafty stuff.

An added bonus to all of this is that the MAFA being a non-profit organization funds art education within the schools, something sorely needed as there is virtually no formal art education at the elementary and middle-schools in the Monrovia Unified School District. MAFA is very proud that it has a formal art program for the “Village After School” program and kids enrolled in that program are getting that education. Just in case you are wondering why art education is important, simply put its a communication tool that teaches kids to think and problem solve and those with art as part of their lessons statistically perform better.

The boring details on the Art Walks. Your displace space will cost you a nominal fee of $35, $100..a little discount if you take all 3 weekends). You do have to be a member of MAFA to show at the Art walk but membership is cheap $20 and discounted to $10 if you are a student. There is also a one time jury fee of $20 and once that is paid you are good to show at any of the MAFA venues, including is numerous gallery’s in town. The jury criteria is pretty straight forward – your original art, consistent quality and creativity in your medium. That means you can’t submit a paint by number, mass produce it in a factory or simply string a bunch of beads to show up. (I am on the jury committee and if you are leary about submitting your art I’ll critique and help you out as a freebie, big believer in mentoring here).

Check out their web pages for more info on what the Art Walks and the Art Festival Association are all about.

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  1. Hey! This sounds great and the entrance fee is very reasonable- do you know where I can find this years application? It looks like the site only has 2006’s.

    ian at distinctphoto.com

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