More Roscoe’s news though I still don’t know what happened at Roscoe’s on Monday night, I got an update regarding the Roscoe’s shooting last week.

(Well, I’m assuming it’s the same shooting that I posted about on Tuesday night.)

The report from Defamer and NY Daily News is that Cuba

“Show Me the Money” Gooding Jr

played the role of real life hero in the Roscoe’s shooting:
The 39-year-old Oscar winner was waiting in his car outside a Hollywood restaurant “when he heard four gunshots,” says a source.

“Cuba was picking up dinner for his family on the night of Memorial Day,” says the spy. “He saw a young kid holding his head and walked toward him. The kid was bleeding from his neck and collapsed.”

Gooding cradled the victim, described as a man around 20 years old, and called into the restaurant for towels. “They came out with paper towels and he said, ‘No, we need real towels!'” says the source.

The actor stemmed the bleeding and hailed a passing police car. He waited on the scene until an ambulance arrived.

Gooding’s rep, Nancy Kane, confirmed the story.

I’m going to believe that most of the aspects of this story are true, but I’m going to nit-pick one detail. The date of this occurrence. Unless there was a shooting both on Monday and Tuesday night of last week, I contend that this shooting did not happen on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28 (as reported), but rather Tuesday night.

I am absolutely certain the date I drove by the shooting scene was Tuesday, May 29 (see original post with confirmation by Brian Humphrey of the incident).

I know in this day in age, minor things like facts and details aren’t important, but that’s not the point in me pointing out the discrepancy. The point is if there were indeed two shootings in the same week in the same place, I want to know about it. Because as of this week, I was still driving down Gower, but I will start avoiding it if I feel like driving in front of Roscoe’s could be a dangerous thing to do.

In all seriousness, kudos for Cuba for helping save a dude’s life.

Photo taken from Muppet Wiki. I imagine the caption should be something like “Cuba Gooding Jr a true hero. And a friend of Elmo.” (*imagine waving American flag in the background while the Star Spangled Banner plays*)

h/t: trixkidz

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  1. One of my co-workers was at Roscoe’s that night, and she confirms the story, except that she said that Cuba actually ran in for the towels. Also, in all the excitement, he apparently left without his dinner.

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