Where’s your Cheap Gas?

Gas prices have dropped a bit but it still hurts to fill up the tank. Red lining as a method of pricing gas happens and no denying it. Gas in Monrovia is sitting uncomfortably at 3.35-3.37/gallon and gets cheaper in the lower income communities to the south and east.
I found Shell Regular in Azusa at the corner of Foothill and Todd kitty corner from the costco at 3.19/gal. Now there’s a deal.
Where do you find your cheap gas? Certainly posting it here is a nice way to share where to get the best deal. I don’t advocate making special trips to save a nickel a gallon, but if you have to be in the area where cheap gas exists go for it!

14 thoughts on “Where’s your Cheap Gas?”

  1. while in high school (91-95), i thought $1.07 a gallon was expensive! haha.

  2. I bought gas yesterday. It was the first time I bought gas since March. I figure I can afford to ignore the price per gallon at that rate.

  3. im downtown often and have noticed that the shell station at pico and western always seems to be less then anywhere.

    also although it sits on the beverly hills border, the exxon at olympic and robertson seems to be lower also.

  4. I have to disagree with Rich on the exxon at Olympic. I drive Olympic to and from work everyday, and I haven’t seen anything higher than the gas stations that stretch from La Brea to Century City.

  5. The no-name gas station across from that Arco has good prices sometimes. I tend not to go to Arco because I use my debit card, and Arco charges that fee.

    Vons gas stations are usually good, get the 3 cent discount if you’re a Vons Club member. Just wish the Signal Hill Costco had a gas station.

  6. gasbuddy.com and the 980am are good if you don’t mind pumping no name gas into your car, but i’ve always been uneasy with regularly putting arco/valero into my car.

    in the world of shell/chevron/76 the cheaper places i’ve found around town are:

    shell at venice/overland SE
    shell at victory/lankershim SE
    76 at magnolia/coldwater NW (also has the best recycling machines)
    chevron at vermont/101

  7. Chevron corner of Victory and Hayvenhurst in Van Nuys.

    Consistently low prices.

  8. gasbuddy.com allows you to choose grade of fuel and company of preference. my car requires premium and I like 76.

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