News from Far East LA….

Don’t shoot the messenger but Orange County is statistically speaking part of the Greater LA Metro Area and it pays to know what’s going on. How I get on some of these mailing lists totally befuddles me, but I share with you to make you think a minute.

Immigration Reform (or Rights depending on your rhetorical point of view) has been a problem for many years. Knowing what the extremes are thinking and doing helps one sift through to find the truth.

I have to thank El Chavo for noting the Indy Media a few weeks back. Its an interesting source that once you understand its agenda you can put into perspective why they report the way they do. Between how they and the established news sources report the news, it makes it easier to see how the mainstream is coming to its opinions. I stop to check to see what BBC is reporting as well for an additional view of our internal politics.

I googled Tancredo and there is so much to digest I’ll leave it to your own curiosity to google and read up on him and his book.

I think I’ll pass on this event…too cheap and not curious enough. Just leave it as its always good to keep your friends close and your enemy’s closer. You decide where this falls in your quest for knowledge.

3 thoughts on “News from Far East LA….”

  1. Tom Tancredo – man there’s a good example of the fact that racism and bigotry are still alive and kicking in American Politics. He’s one of the few congresspeople to ever arouse such ire in me that I put my cranky old man pen to paper and wrote him an angry letter, letting him know how dangerous I believe his politics to be.

    Of course, all I got back was a surreal, out-of-context form letter regarding the issue.

  2. Ah, Marshall. I see you are another fool who thinks that anyone who supports actually having borders and stopping illegal immigrants is de facto racist.
    While Tancredo is a fool on many, many issues- on this one he is not.

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