A Delightful Trail For Small Children

P6030304 The fiance and I went hiking on Sunday at the Millard Trail near Altadena. I’ve found that, as much as I love L.A., if I’m in the city too long, I get grumpy and irritable. Which is why I really should be going out into the Angeles forest more often, because it was really, really beautiful. There were trees and streams and families having Happy Family Sunday Afternoons, and it was both mindclearing and heartwarming. I can deal with the city again now that I’ve been someplace green, relatively clean, and not crowded for a few hours.

I was actually surprised how quickly we were able to get out to the trail, too – a half hour’s drive, and we were well outside the crowdedness of a Sunday on the Santa Monica mountains trails. Anyone else got good trail suggestions in the area? I’m ridiculously out of shape these days and plan to start easy.

(Photo goes to my set on Flickr of the hike.)

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  1. Oh yes, head up Route 2 (Angeles Crest Highway) to the other end of that same canyon and Switzer’s Picnic Area, just beyond the junction with Angeles Forest Highway.

    Get there early so you can drive down to the parking lot. Then walk down the creek and take a look at the falls. It is all tree-lined with good trails.

    Eaton Canyon, in the Pasadena/Sierra Madre foothills is more exposed but rock-hopping brings you to a nice waterfall, too. Good thought for one of our June gloom days to come.

    Finally, a bit more work, and an upside sown hike, but head up to Chantry Flat and then hike down into the canyon to Sturtevent Falls. Again, except for the 1/2 mile or so down (and up ) to the road, the rest is tree-lined, creekside hiking.

    Enjoy your trips!


  2. Oh, and the walk aroudn Franklin Canyon Lake is GREAT for younger kids. You get the feeling of wild, but all in a fairly flat, easy to hike area…with water too!

  3. Wouldn’t Altadena give you the San Gabriels, not the Santa Monicas? I tend to think of the SM Mountain range ending at the Sepulveda pass (and call the spur sticking out to Griffith Park the Hollywood Hills), but there’s no way I’m letting SM lay claim to my beloved San Gabes.

  4. OK….one of the best kept secrets out there is Monrovia Canyon that even has a waterfall. Actually its a tiny trickle given how little rain we had this year, but its there none the less.
    Easy to find…Exit Myrtle Ave off the 210 Fwy.
    Follow Myrtle north, right 4 blocks to Canyon Ave and then left up the hill. A few jogs later you are at Canyon Park. Take the road to the top and its an pretty easy 1 mile hike to the falls.
    Its an easy walk, took my kids up as toddlers though there are a few spots where you have to watch them closely along some ledges with 10 or so foot drops (thats where Dad’s shoulders usually came into play).
    Be warned the gate keeper at the park is a crotchedy old coot and is serious about the 5PM closing…he will lock the gates and leave you behind.

  5. Don, not only are the Hollywood Hills considered part of the Santa Monica range, but so are the Verdugos above Glendale. But anything after that to the northeast is definitely the San Gabriels.

  6. This was definitely the San Gabriels – I just meant that it WASN’T the crowded Santa Monica trails I’m used to hiking with friends.

  7. I’ve always been partial to Malibu Creek State Park, off of Las Virgenes Cyn, between the 101 and PCH.

    Lots of great trails and you can check out the old M*A*S*H set and a damn cool dam.

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