Were you a witness?

[admittedly crappy photo – click to see it bigger]

I’d love to talk to you if you were at the Astro diner in Silver Lake today between 130 and 3pm, and if you happened to see the ASSHOLE who scraped his/her white or light cream colored car on my brand new black car in the Astro lot. The damage is to the right side rear door so the car was on my right, and I was parked exactly in the spot, not over my lines.

And don’t tell me they may not have known they scraped me – the big paint swap is also a pretty deep dent, and the scratch that doesn’t show up well in the photo is deep too.

Good times.

Email me if you can give me the license of the car that did it.

18 thoughts on “Were you a witness?”

  1. oh man…you went to astro and didn’t invite!
    Bummer of a deal on the car pal. Post a note and ask the waitresses? Since they love you there they maybe be able to point to you to the possible culprit. Bummer, the world is full of aholes and they always seem to find the newest car on the lot first.

  2. When I was a kid mom just bought a brand new car. A shitty Pontiac Sunbird. Not more than 45 minutes later we were dining at a fast food joint in plain view of the new ride when a car door slammed into the driver side door. Sure enough. Good sized dent. Mom was pissed. Asked me what I thought. In we marched. The lady had three kids in tow. She wasn’t happy. Info exchanged.

    Mom got the car fixed. A week later the lady’s husband loses a hand in a work accident that was apparently reaffixed or something. IDK exactly but dude made the news. We recognized the lady. Mom felt bad.

    Shitty week for them.

    Lesson here?? Keep your eyes on your ride girl. At all times.

    Good Luck.

  3. Are you saying that I can look forward to this dickweed (or someone in its immediate family) losing a hand next week? Because that would be SWEEEEET.

  4. I scrapped your car, and I don’t regret it one bit! Here’s to more misfortunes befalling your new car.

    The one handed asshole.

  5. Man, I always hate the first scrape on my car (well, actually, mind was a tussle with a couch let loose on the 5 on the current set of wheels).

    But then it’s kind of a relief. It’s gonna happen eventually. After all, the car is there to protect you when you’re going unnatural speeds.

    (I can’t make heads of tails of that photo … do I need another drink or does that mean I should lay off the sauce?)

  6. I deliberately didn’t show the whole car in the photo, both to spotlight the damage and also to ward of jerks who apparently wish me harm although I’ve never done shit to them.

  7. After I signed off I remembered an urban myth floating in the valley that my buds that grew up there swear by.
    You baptise your car but going in the trunk and put a small cross in the paint with your car key and it wards off door dings, scrapes.
    It worked until I had kids and now the sides of my cars look like someone ran a rake down both sides within a week. Argh…its always “not me” that did it too.

  8. Bummer, but seriously is this really the place to post about your new car getting scraped? If it is, then this blog is getting wack.


    I have a dent in my car too, you want to post a picture?

  9. i agree with D. very very very much so a big bummer, and i’m genuinely really sorry… but cmon… that’s not what this blog is about. my friend’s car got egged tonight, can I post that?

  10. Here we go again with all that semi-tyrannical “what this blog’s about” crap. Next I’ll get grief for posting pictures of birds because this blog’s only about what the one-initialed folks up in the peanut gallery think it is or isn’t. Pffft.

  11. Actually I think this blog is a nice place to document the slide in human decency at even the smallest level. If a blog is about documents whats going on in the city, it fits.

  12. Man, I don’t even live in LA and I think this post is perfectly appropriate for this blog. For one thing, hey, maybe someone who reads this WAS there when Ruth’s car got scraped and can provide her with some info. (Why she gets to have this service and you or your buddy or your Tia’s hairdresser’s housekeeper doesn’t is because she writes for the blog and you don’t. Duh.)

    For another, this is the kind of story to which a lot of people can relate and it brings them together to provide mutual support, often in the form of telling their own stories. I’m with Frazgo, this post documents what’s going on in the city.

  13. Did you check with the diner to see if they have a camera mounted in the parking lot?

    Might be worth a try.

  14. Yeah, D & J and all the other one-letter posters out there – post your stories! THAT is what this – and most other – blogs is about.

    Who’s the piece of human pond scum that TAGGED the side of my new FJ the other day???? Happened oh, 2 weeks ago, white paint on driver’s door, and I’ve been thinking I’ll need to visit Paris soon, so maybe I’ll find the culprit and give myself a reason to get three squares a day and a roof over my head.

    Oh, yeah, Paris is in the women’s facility. Then again, Paris is a man’s name… just consult Bill Shakespeare. Now we know…

  15. I agree that this is definitely an L.A. story, because I’m sure in some place, somewhere, there might have at least been a note. I think that’s still customary in other parts of North America.

    Also, given the high Silverlake resident population – hey, odds are low, but we have high reach in the region, so you NEVER KNOW who might be able to help.

    My Saturn is made out of plastic, so it escapes most denting and is tough to scratch. I think it’s a great car to have in a city where people haven’t learned to PUT THEIR DAMN SHOPPING CARTS AWAY IN THE TRADER JOE’S LOT WHERE THEY CAN’T ATTACK CARS.

  16. Same thing happened to me a CVS parking lot in West Covina last month, some lady hit my car and took off, she had a baby in the back seat, so I guess she was in a rush to get home. Bitch.

  17. I wasn’t trying to start any internet drama, so I’m here to say that ok, I surrender, I agree that posting about car problems in LA is an LA issue. Maybe just to some of us it came off as a random rant, or personal anger. So keep on keepin on and keep on bloggin.

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