Sunday Snapshotz: Hummingbird Nest

So I won’t get into the details too deeply other than to say that when friend and fellow contributor Cybele was visiting yesterday and spotted the hummingbird nest with two chicks very close to fledging in the fig tree over our patio I pretty much went all nature geek, culminating in me setting up my laptop and a DV cam this afternoon to capture and upload stills of them, about once every 20 seconds. So if all is working (fingers crossed) you should be seeing a relative real-time image of the two baby birds (with occasional visits from their momma) who aren’t very far from taking flight.


UPDATED (6/6): Both chicks successfully fledged, the first on June 4 and the second on June 6. I’ve replaced the live webcam with a capture of the second chick getting a snack from its momma on June 5.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshotz: Hummingbird Nest”

  1. Thanks Ruth! And they are teensy… only a little bit bigger than a Hershey’s Kiss. In terms of perspective, that fig to the right isn’t quite as big around as a golf ball.

  2. cool post! i was following the webcam for a day or so- super nifty! Thanks for setting it up!!! (eeee! baby hummingbirds!!!!)

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