Is CBS hoarding its nuts? of nuts are being sent to the LA offices of CBS to protest the cancellation of “Jericho” – but what is the network doing with them?

When CBS cancelled the apocalyptic TV series “Jericho” two weeks ago, not only did it cause the largest “save the show” campaign ever, but it also resulted in tens of thousands of pounds of nuts being sent to the networks offices in New York in Los Angeles out of protest.

I emailed Phil Gonzalez with CBS publicity to find out what was being done with all of this product, and he replied, “Almost all of the nuts are being sent to CBS offices in NY,” adding that the they are being donated there to City Harvest, a hunger relief program, and State Island Project Homefront, an organization that sends care packages to U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, his reply doesn’t explain what CBS has done with the 6,488 pounds of nuts sent to it L.A. offices by Nuts Online, the company that has also sent nearly 30,000 pounds to New York.

Some background:

“Jericho” is the story of a Kansas town that manages to survive a nuclear attack on the United States. The series follows the town’s efforts to find out what is happening while defending themselves from bandits, paramilitary groups, and each other. In the season finale, the character played by Skeet Ulrich is sent a message to surrender the town of Jericho to an enemy, to which he replies simply “Nuts”, a reference to a World War II generals message to the Germans while under similar circumstances.

I spent last week dropping $30 in iTunes for a “Jericho” marathon after being hooked by the premiere. While too cheesy for its own good, the series provides plenty of hypotheticals that engage the reader to speculate on what they’d do under similar circumstances, being cut of from society with limited power and dwindling food supplies. There’s plenty to complain about in the way of cliches, but the show worked well enough to give me nuclear laden nightmares, but also builds to a fantastic, nail biting climax. The moment the final end titles hit, I immediately sought out any word for a resurrection.

Now what?

According to numerous news articles, CBS execs have called the “save the show” campaign the largest they’ve ever seen, but haven’t budged in recanting the cancellation notice, although they have suggested a TV movie to wrap up loose ends. (coincidentally, Gerald McRaney starred in this and “Deadwood”, another series with a huge “save the show” campaign and promises by the network of a TV movie to give it closure).

However, some loosely verified rumors indicate that cable network TNT is considering picking up the series. Apparently, this decision, as well as the loose possibility of CBS retaining the show, may rely on how the show does in foreign markets where “Jericho” is about to debut.

As of today, Nuts Online has another 1,332 pounds of nuts order by fans to be sent to CBS L.A. offices (and 407 pounds for New York), but its still unknown where these truckloads of nuts are being stored or distributed… are they being hoarded in case of a real life apocalypse?

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  1. Yeah, that was ol’ Gen. McAuliffe at Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge).

    The storyline reminds me of Pat Frank’s book “Alas Babylon”, which is equally cheesy but quite well put together, and thought inspiring.

    That’s it!!! CBS wouldn’t be able to live down having us start actually thinking!!!!


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