Hot Knives, Slip’n’Slides and Ghetto Gourmets, or, Eating LA (apologies to Mlle. Saperstein)

hot%20knives%20small.JPGSo you missed the Fourth Second Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational and didn’t get a chance to sample the delicious sammies. Or so the last time you went out to dinner it was a total overpriced wash and you don’t even eat meat so you ended up paying fifteen bucks for a fucking salad. Or maybe you just want to eat really, really good food while watching underdressed, underage girls giggle in a slip-n-slide like they all just tumbled in for an American Apparel casting call. Perfect! Because Hot Knives (full disclosure: also pals of mine, and fellow bloggers), those All-Stars of the Grilled Cheese Invitational (video here), those dudes who make bread everything with beer, will be serving up vegan & veggie food at this weekend’s Summer Camp at Little Radio!

ggteeth_logo.JPGMy day this Sunday will consist of me going downtown to Little Radio to hear some bands (The Willowz, The Pity Party and the Western States Motel–the one I’m most excited about; plus dj’s Aquarium Drunkard and Scott Ford), pointedly refusing to go on the slip-n-slide, eating Hot Knives out of stock as quickly as possible, and then racing to the Brewery, where I’m helping my friends at Ghetto Gourmet serve a magically-manifested four-course meal to a lucky few who’ve managed to get space in the artspace/warehouse GG shanghaied for this particular meal. (It looks like there might still be seats available! I totally recommend you go–it’s *always* a lovely evening, plus this one will have fire performers & circus artists doing their thing while you chow down & make new friends.)

I know what would be perfect…

If Hot Knives started doing this too–getting a few friends together in a rented / shared / donated space to cook a meal for 20 – 40 people, and then opened the dinner to whoever signed up & paid the fee, then threw in entertainment. This makes it so you meet all sorts of fascinating people over a delish meal, fine wine, and fun. Props to GG–and chefs Cynthia Washburn (SF), Anita Bergmann (LA), and all the other GG peeps for blazing the trail!

Seriously, this is a call for a new, community-oriented food culture in LA. We’re so used to going to restaurants in hermetically sealed little pairs or groups, never speaking to others, rarely trying new things or new places, or, heaven forbid, meeting anyone new. I’d LOVE to see people with the energy and cool-quotient of Hot Knives pull together here to curate evenings of amazing food, surprising and outside-the-box entertainment (hell, the dudes already pair each of their recipes with a particular song or album–why not take it one step further?), and opportunities to meet new people & go places I haven’t been to before.

Here’s what Hot Knives and Ghetto Gourmet will be serving this weekend. Yum:

Ghetto Gourmet’s menu:
Cold Moroccan Tomato Soup, Lavash Chips
Roasted Eggplant Salad with Pine Nuts and Pomegranate Seeds
Choice of Chicken or Vegetable Tagine
Israeli Couscous with Spring Vegetables
Walnut Pastries in Honey Syrup
Mint Tea

Hot Knives’ “preliminary menu hints”:
Made-from-scratch seitan burgers
veggie chili cheese dogs
vegan potato salad
tabouleh salad
some tasty beers [natch]

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  1. Arghh….you beat me to blogging the Ghetto Gourmet! I so want to do it, just wanted to hang on until I got the time to go! Devil dog it all.

  2. Boy I’d love to but we have 2 term papers due in this household and a serious case of 8th gradeitis to contend with so today is out.

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