First came Red Mango.

redmango-logo.jpgThen came Pinkberry. And now, Red Mango has finally made its way from Korea in Battle Fro-yo to face off with Pinkberry in a giant smackdown! Arrrrrr! Oops, got a little carried away there, but check out this great article about the “Fro-Yo Frenzy” from KoreAm Journal.)

Many people assert that the owners of Pinkberry basically stole the idea of tart frozen yogurt from Red Mango which had been operating successfully for years in Korea. Red Mango has over 140 locations in Korea and 10 Red Mango locations will be opening in the US in 2007 with the first in Westwood by the end of June. Headquartered in Culver City, they’ll also have West LA (Westwood/Pico), Culver City, and K-town locations by the end of the year. But Pinkberry got to LA sooner and launched a craze which spawned many a knock-off store. The question is whether or not Red Mango is too late to the party and if L.A. is already an over-saturated fro-yo market. We shall soon find out.

Will Work For Food was able to sample and review Red Mango even before the first store opened. It’s a great write up and it isn’t the first time I’m hearing that Red Mango has a superior frozen product that is actually made of yogurt.

I’ll definitely give Red Mango a shot just to see what it’s like, but I’m pretty much over paying $7 for a freakin’ frozen dessert (do you know how many donuts I could buy with that same amount of money?! How many pints of ice cream?!).

No matter what, my bet’s still on Scoops coming out on top!

::Red Mango USA’s Myspace page::

5 thoughts on “First came Red Mango.”

  1. “Scoops” is completely inaccessible.
    Zero parking is available. I mean Zero.
    I don’t care how good it is if no one can
    ever get to it.

  2. The parking problem at Scoops is not the fault of Scoops. Do you see that construction that is happening next door? That’s LACC’s fault and is taking away a ton of perfectly good street parking.

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