Boingo. 1976. Gong Show. Awesome.

While other cities in our once-great nation can claim their own proud contributions to our culture, only Los Angeles can point at some of the greatest musical acts of all time and say, “Yeah, those are my boys and girls there.”

The Doors, X, and Guns and Roses are a few that are frequently featured in specials on VH1 Classic, but one of our most magnificent treasures, and one of my favorite bands of all time rarely gets even a mention: Oingo Boingo.

For those of us who went to the Halloween concerts every year, stood in line to buy Boingo Alive when it came out — on cassette — and were into Danny Elfman when he went So-Lo, I present this bit of magic nostalgia: The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, performing on the Gong Show, in 1976.

While it may be beneath them to impress the likes of Buddy Hackett, Shari Lewis, and Bill Bixby now, my sources inform me that, back in the day, these people were the arbiters of taste on television. Which explains a lot about the Battle of the Network Stars.

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9 thoughts on “Boingo. 1976. Gong Show. Awesome.”

  1. Love me some Boingo. And they obviously impressed the three of them enough to win that night. Gotta love those guys…miss them way too much.

  2. Was always a fan of Oingo Boingo and only read about the history of the early “Mystic Knights of the…” and wish I had known more about it… being about 8 years old at the time of this broadcast and having always watched the Gong Show I am sure I saw them then not knowing how they would influence.. or should I say affect my life! (funny thing, I wonder if it was Chuck Barris’ calling them “oingo boingo” and leaving out ‘The mystic knights of the’ part of the title that influenced the band to eventually change the name… interesting.. Chuck may have actually named the band inadvertently with his desire to shorten their name on the show!)

  3. That’s so great! I was 13 in 1976, and never knew they were on the gong show. I saw Oingo Boingo a couple times in the ’80s – still one of my favorite bands.

  4. Absofrickin’lutely, Wil. I mourn for the Halloween Boingo experience every year. The best, baddest costume party in town! Especially the ’91 show, when I dressed as Siouxsie Sioux and my high-school boyfriend went as Robert Smith. ;)

  5. Thanks for posting this, Wil!

    Boingo’s Halloween ’86 was my first concert.


  6. I cried like a baby when they announced their break up. I saw them probably ten times in concert. Heck, I’m starting to sniffle right now.

    My personal blog is even named after my favorite song from them.

    Well, after reading that, I am slightly scared of myself, but they rock.

    Thanks for the video.

  7. So, it looks to me like the dude with the red hair and the rocket ship is not our illustrious leader.

    Is Danny actually wearing purple pants and standing right behind Chuck at the end?

  8. Rocket Ship guy is Richard Elfman, Danny’s older brother and founder of TMKotOB. Danny is playing trombone.

    btw Buddy Hackett rulez!

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