I’ll have a large blogdowntown pizza

What the hell is on a blogdowntown pizza? Well that’s not quite decided yet, but you can help out. The super awesome folks at The Los Angeles Pizza Company are going to going to name a pizza after my favorite downtown blog. No really. This came about after they totally owned the tastebuds of last weekend’s picnic attendees. Eric writes:

“There seemed to be a consensus among those who attended on Sunday: the “Chavez Ravine” is a pizza to be reckoned with. Even the list of ingredients makes me hungry: red sauce, minced garlic, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, goat cheese and pesto.

Here’s where we get to the crazy part. Oscar’s agreed to name a pizza after blogdowntown. Ed jokingly asked about the idea and Oscar took us up on it. So here’s the question: What should we put on the blogdowntown pizza?

You can find the list of available ingredients on the menu. Dave, Ed and I will get together next week to take your suggestions and make a final decision. “

So, take a look, and let them know. I wonder if they can put (comment) spam on it?

One thought on “I’ll have a large blogdowntown pizza”

  1. agreed on the Chavez Ravine pizza, i’ve been thinking about it every day since last sunday and i don’t generally like pizza…

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