I love my vet!

Somebody asked for a vet recommendation in the Gateway post, so here’s mine:

Parkview Pet Clinic.

I love Dr Martin – he’s a great guy who knows his stuff and doesn’t talk down to you like you’re a moron (like some other doctors do). Plus his prices are amazingly low, which always helps.

He recently quit having Saturday hours, which is kind of a bummer, but it was such a madhouse in there on Saturdays that I avoided it at all cost anyway.

If you go, tell them Ruth sent you!

Parkview Pet Clinic
William Martin, DVM
1534 Canada Blvd
Glendale CA 91208
Tel: (818) 244-7268

5 thoughts on “I love my vet!”

  1. Cool. My vet is great but he’s all the way in Culver City. I’m going to give yours a try!

  2. Here’s another suggestion- Dr. Robertson @the VCA Animal Hospital in Burbank is awesome. He sees both my dogs and will always take the time at the office or on the phone to answer any questions I may have.

  3. I’ve been taking my pets to Dr. Martin for more than 15 years. I especially appreciate his skill with older pets, where his apparently magic touch can rejuvenate beloved old companions. I credit Dr. Martin with giving my late mostly-Doberman five extra (and good) years–to the ripe age of 15. More recently, he has worked similar magic with my parents’ old dog. Finally, my dogs *enjoy* visiting Dr. Martin!

  4. I used to go to Dr. Robertson in Burbank and he is a good vet. He was out for a while (this was several years ago) though and I had a lot of problems at that VCA. They tried to over-vaccinate one of my dogs (give rabies shot 2 years too early) and some various other things that made me uncomfortable. I know go to Dr. Isabel Chan, who formerly worked at the Burbank VCA and opened her own clinic with another former VCA vet, Melissa Fogel. They are both wonderful and caring. Dr. Chan operated on my oldest dog (now 14+) for cancer a couple of years ago and has given us really great, personalized care. Just another option to think about:

    Media City Animal Hospital
    1509 W. Burbank Blvd.
    Burbank, CA 91504
    (818) 848-5007

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