Ethnically Incorrect Yard Art liquidation sale

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Monrovia’s own Pottery Ranch, in business since the 1940’s and a featured stop for many years on old Route 66 is winding down and liquidating all their stock. At one point they were going to close this summer and sell the land to a developer but that deal fell apart so who know’s what’s going to happen next.
Currently it is 20% off the entire store and they were cheap to start so it just got better! They stock lots of new pottery and stuff. If you dig a little you will even find stuff going back into the 1940’s when the place opened. They also have a ton of fine china including hard to find Port Merion…which made my better half very happy over the years.

They are open daily 9-6 Monday – Saturday and Sundays 10-6. 248 Huntington Drive at the corner of Magnolia Avenue in Monrovia. Its easy access from either the Myrtle or Huntington Drive exits off the 210.
Worth a stop if you want to do your yard up tastefully or high kitsch! (No, I don’t get a kick back so its a selfless promo).

3 thoughts on “Ethnically Incorrect Yard Art liquidation sale”

  1. I work a couple hundred feet from this place and they’ve got lots and lots of cool things. If you hunt around a bit, you’re likely to find nifty little oddities. Personally, I hope they never close, but actually I’m surprised they’ve lasted so long.

  2. I went into Pottery Ranch today and spoke to Rita who says that they are under new management and not closing. All outdoor pottery is 50% off. The interior contents of the store are all 20% off.

  3. Wow…that’s an even better deal than when I was in a few days ago. 50% on the outdoor stuff is too good to pass up!

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