Worst Job in Los Angeles – Still Open

chaingang.jpgHey, folks:

If you haven’t checked out our little competition for the worst job in Los Angeles, now’s the time to point it out to all your friends who gripe about their workplace hell.

The contest will be open for one more day, and at the end, the blogging.la authors will decide whose suffering most deserves a coveted stiff drink at the legendary Tiki-Ti.

Does your job suck out loud? Don’t be shy! post about it here.

3 thoughts on “Worst Job in Los Angeles – Still Open”

  1. Gimme your crud pckers, your waifs beggin on the street.
    The absolute worst job in the world is that of the claims adjuster. Hemmed in by a corporation bent on penny pinching at the risk of being found running afoul of the ’93 unfair claims practices act whose every raise is based on sheer volume of claims closed as cheaply as possible.
    Add in the basic problem of no one every wanting to be held accountable for their own goof, gauranteed before you even contact the first person in that claim they will hate. In fact since someone is at fault you are gauranteed 50% of the people in every claim will hate your guts when you tell them it was their fault.
    It get’s worse….statistically 30% of every claim is “soft fraud”….like adding in an extra medical bill, the old scratch from who know’s what parking lot that if the poor claims rep doesn’t catch it and internal auditor does…there goes your next raise and bonus.
    Add in too that the insurance corporations sway faster than a palm tree in a hurricane and heaven forbid they decide the claims reps as a whole aren’t saving enough claim expenses the entire group is sent off to be reprogrammed (oops…the term used by Safeco Insurance companies is “recalibrated”) to be better low ballers. Never mind the fact that most claims adjusters have no authority or very little the money they have to resolve a claim is already given them by management…do you see the double jeopardy in that one?
    Arghh…and it isn’t limited to auto insurance that most of us see daily. Over the weekend I was talking with a relative who sells health insurance and disability plans to employers. His job, rather succinctly put was “my job is to help employers screw their employees with a plan that sounds good but covers nothing and they pay a lot for it”.
    So my money is on “insurance adjuster” followed by the agent selling the stuff.

  2. Your position is definitely the worst-supported in the city! But worst? Hmm. You often seem to be enjoying your work far too much to qualify … ;)

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