Watch Michele Merkin tonight on The Next Big Thing

1035702480_l.jpgMy friend Michele Merkin (who also happens to be the 56th hottest girl according to Maxim) is hosting a new show that’s debuting tonight on ABC called “The Next Best Thing” which is basically like American Idol if they were picking the best celebrity impersonator instead of “the best” clueless shitbox singer. I mean, let’s get real… who doesn’t wanna see “Almost Toby Keith”, “Paris Hilton Lookalike”, “The Best Austin Powers Impersonator In The world” & “Larry AKA Freddy Kruger” battle it out?

9 thoughts on “Watch Michele Merkin tonight on The Next Big Thing”

  1. And this has to do with L.A. how? For a second I thought I was reading LAist.

  2. then why not write about everybody who lives in LA?

    your reasoning is lame dicklips

  3. Why don’t I write about everyone in LA? Well for one, I don’t like everyone in LA. And two I think this show sounds like it could be funny and shes my friend so I’m stoked for her you douche-drinkin’ moron. MIGHT WANNA RE-READ MY POST! I’m promoting her and her show. If you don’t like it YOU CAN BLOW ME!

    By the way… I JUST NUKED YOU!

  4. A show of aspiring celebrity IMPERSONATORS? What, aspiring celebrities aren’t disgusting enough any more?

    I’d rather eat my own eye than watch that.

  5. Hey Ruth why don’t you beat it and go eat your eyes. Maybe you without eyes will prevent another post about Wayne Kramer embarrassing himself at that ROCK N ROLL BINGO horse shit. I’d rather watch my grandma shave her vagina than attend that crap. To each his own I guess.

  6. What, Queens of the Stone Age didn’t put out a crappy single this week or something?

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