There’s a parrot on my porch.

I’ve been hearing about the wild parrots of Los Angeles for years, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen one.


Right on my porch! Squawking at me through the screen! And it stayed put when I opened the screen to take its picture.

Two more pictures after the cut.



Sorry ’bout the blurry photos – I may or may not have let my son mess with the settings on the camera, and now I can’t figure out what he did.

10 thoughts on “There’s a parrot on my porch.”

  1. This might be someone’s escaped Parakeet. It’s not one of the typical feral parrot species usually seen in flocks around Los Angeles.

  2. When I read the headline, I thought “There’s a parrot on my porch” might be a euphemism for something else. Turns out there really is a parrot.

  3. That’s a parakeet, and it’s lost and sick. They puff up when they’re cold or not feeling well. If it wouldn’t fly away, it means it wants to come in: it wants to go home. Poor little thing. They don’t love being caught, so if you try to grab it, wear thick gloves; but I am sure somewhere a family is looking for their lost parakeet.

    I believe the parrots most commonly gone feral in LA are lories. They’re about twice the size of a parakeet from tip to tail.

  4. Obviously, I know nothing about birds. I feel terrible, but I couldn’t have taken it in even if I’d known. Does anyone know who I should call if it appears again?

  5. Annika, I don’t know who you’d call, but you might print out the photo you got of the bird and post a SPOTTED flyer around your immediate vicinity in case the bird’s keepers are nearby.

  6. Hi Annika:

    Bty the way you have a beautiful name.

    Since the fire in the Griffith park area in May, I have noticed a flock of about 20 green parrots. But within the last two days I have seen only five flying with each other from one tree to another here in Echo Park. I have a friend in Mt. Washington who has seen them around for years. But those are the ones from the old Busch Gardens in Van Nuys. I am thinking that from the date of your blog that this may be one of the birds that escaped from the fire area and just happens to be by itself. Somehow they are surviving on their own. If you get a chance when it reruns check out the parrots of Telegraph Hill on PBS. It’s a great documentary. You can also just do a general google search on the words “parrots of telegraph hill” and view the story online. It’s really sweet.

    At least the bird landed on your porch. I can’t even get a close enough picture of them since they fly so fast.

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