Generic Car


In a city where the vehicle you drive is supposed to define your individuality (as if somehow the items you buy could cover up the sad fact that you’re really just a dullard) it’s refreshing to see this new model of automobile hit the streets: car. No fancy pseudo-exotic name, no “green” gimmicks to make you feel good, just a steel contraption to get you from one point to the next. If they make one with spinning rims then it’ll definitely be my next ride!

8 thoughts on “Generic Car”

  1. This is like the Chrysler PT Cruiser. Guess what the PT stands for? “Personal Transportation.” As if other cars are doing something else.

  2. OMG, this reminds me of those awesome plain-brand labels from Ralph’s markets–they phased it out about 15, 20 years ago (god, I’m getting old) but it just had a blue stripe and said “[food item name]”.

    My favorite was BEER.

    That’s all it said. BEER.

    Utter design brilliance. All you wild’n’crazy product designers out there, please go back to the blue stripe. I loved it so.

  3. You know, I still have a can of “BEER” beer in the back of my fridge. Held onto it for no other reason than it amuses me.

  4. Lucinda…

    Growing up in New York State we had something similar – it was “brown label” stuff… I tink the rural areas up there still have that. I was a little kid (a bit too young to extoll the pleasures of “brown label beer”) but I fondly remember the “brown aisle” in the IGA Supermarket from 30 years ago.

    Stater Bros had a plain label “beer” as recently as 1985 that I can recall (though I was still, well, underage).

    Now we can’t even find cheapo beer without flowery language about hops, barley, horses or beer bottles playing football.

  5. Does anybody know where I can find a picture of the Ralph’s Beer Can? I’m looking for it… which is why I found this page.

    My brother just started a job at Sun Micro Systems where apparently they pre-fix EVERYTHING with the word “Sun” … that lead me to think of the Ralph’s Brand (especially the beer can — my friends used to joke about my Dad drinking “beer”).

    Sweet Car pic!

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