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This UCLA grad story from the L.A. Times is a great kick in the ass, especially for those of us who sometimes woe it rather than go it. lim.jpg Kellie Lim, a 26-year-old who suffered a bout of bacterial meningitis and became a triple amputee at age 8, will graduate from UCLA’s medical school this coming Friday. She’s chosen to specialize in Pediatrics, and will begin a residency program at the UCLA medical center.

“Just having that experience of being someone so sick and how devastating that can be — not just for me but for my family too — gives me a perspective that other people don’t necessarily have,” the 26-year-old Michigan native said recently.

And of all the topics she sampled during medical school, only her work with children left her “smiling at the end of the day.”

Lim carried out her medical training with a determination that awed her professors and fellow students and won her the school’s top prize for excellence in pediatrics.

Opting not to use a prosthetic arm, she showed that she can perform most medical procedures with one hand, including taking blood and administering injections. She lives on her own in a Westwood apartment with no special features for the handicapped and drives a car with only one adaptation: a turning knob on the steering wheel. She is learning to swim, is trying horseback riding and even went tandem skydiving recently.

Photo By: (Mark Boster / LAT)

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