Surf Report 5/27 – Mush Muscles Military Msurfcamps


Waist-high, inconsistent, a little mushy, but fun. Sharing your homebreak with only two other surfers despite a holiday weekend? More fun. Looks like they’re setting up Venice boardwalk for a weight-lifting competition. Also, the Army, Navy, and Marines set up recruiting booths. Didn’t see the Air Force there. Maybe they’re busy in Colorado Springs harassing Jews. On the jog home, I saw a bunch of flyers for surfcamps sponsored by Quiksilver. If you want to take surf lessons, check out some of these surf camp providers. Though some cater only to kids and teens, they also probably have programs or private lessons for adults as well. At least they can point you in the right direction. More info here.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

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