Something you can do right now


A great and moving post from Will. One that strikes a deep chord in all of us.

So Yes, I’m suggesting you step away from the BBQ or the beach or the movie house for just a moment and visit America Supports You.

I’ve posted about them before but this weekend in particular it would be nice to take a moment and make contact with people whose asses are on the line so you CAN have your time at the beach and your lovely BBQ.

The site has links to help you donate, get info, and even send messages to the troops. You can also read others’ messages of support.

7 thoughts on “Something you can do right now”

  1. There are plenty of good Americans who believe that there aren’t any troops fighting right now for anything even resembling the freedom of Americans – no troops in Iraq or Afghanistan affect my ability to live my life, one way or another. It’s great to remember those who have died, but not every war is just or right.

  2. Thanks for the post Ruth…

    And regardless of how you feel about what the troops are fighting for, they all have sworn to defend the constitution of the united states, and are willing to put their lives on the line for that.

    Michael, perhaps you should talk to someone who has served, or is in currently, about why they made the choices they did. Put your personal political views aside for a moment, and you may find yourself with a bit more respect for those individuals.

    “All gave some, and some gave all”

  3. Michael: Our troops serve in many different countries throughout the world…not just Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Perhaps if you put aside your BDS for a moment, you might’ve realized this.

    But why honor our servicemen & women when you can simply politicize them on America’s most hallowed day of the year.

    Ruth: Speaking as a veteran, your post is much appreciated.

    Thank You.

  4. Why do you both assume I don’t know any servicemen or women? I know plenty, and of these, many believe that the current wars we’re fighting have nothing to do with the freedoms of Americans either.

    NO ONE “deserves” honor. It’s earned. Those who choose to join the military are no better people than those that don’t. This isn’t to say that there aren’t wonderful people in the military, just that honoring them for their service alone is ignoring too much about a person.

  5. Michael, you are severely missing the point. “many believe that the current wars we’re fighting ….” – who cares?! Thats not what this post, or Memorial Day, is about.

  6. RE: “NO ONE ‘deserves’ honor: I’ll stick my neck out and say that somebody taking a job that’s literally putting his or her ass on the line Does In Fact deserve honor – and respect.

    Memorial Day is about PEOPLE, not politics.

  7. Do they deserve honor and respect even if they break the law, kill civilians, get a court martial, etc? Most of the servicemen and women I know are upstanding people. But just because someone’s in uniform doesn’t make them a good person or a worthy person. That’s all I’m saying.

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