Project Pedal Fundraiser Tonight


If you don’t already know about Project Pedal and have any interest in biking or filmmaking you should follow that link immediately and check out some of the vlogs and posts they have online about the project, and the film they are making. In this interview with the filmmaker Micki Krimmel sums it up nicely:

“Project Pedal is the videoblog/documentary project by filmmaker Mike Ambs. On June 2, Mike and his crew will embark on a cross-country journey to document two cyclists as they bike their way from Washington to Maine along the Adventure Cycling Trail, culminating in a feature length documentary tentatively titled “Pedal.” Since October of 2004, Mike has been sharing his experience with the project on his blog, posting well-produced video episodes along the way. As with any first time film project, Mike has seen his share of ups and downs while trying to pull it all together. Now, he’s just two weeks away from production and Next New Networks has stepped up to help send him off in style by hosting the “Pedal Push Party” this weekend in Los Angeles.”

Tonight, at the Little Radio Warehouse Downtown, is that fundraiser event to help them before they take off on the big trip. It’s $5 a the door. Be there or don’t.

3 thoughts on “Project Pedal Fundraiser Tonight”

  1. They might want to re-think that title, seeing as there’s already a well known bike doc with that name.

  2. @Mr Rollers: Yea, “Pedal” isn’t the name of the doc’, it’s just been the tentative title for the project as a whole: including the site, the podcast, etc… :)

    The final film will be called something different…

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