Pixelodeon Festival 6/9-10


These past few years have seen an explosion of personal media (ka-boom!).

First came the blogs and expressing yourself through writing and photography. Personal publishing became a reality and a whole new universe of direct to audience communication opened up. Perez Hilton to personal journals changed the dialog.

This past year has seen the rise of the Video Blog, sites like mine (Ask A Ninja), and sites that are completely personal and noncommercial have followed their written-word brothers in changing how individuals can speak directly to an audience.

The First Pixelodeon Festival is trying to capture the depth and breadth of this new video blog medium. Me and Douglas Sarine, my partner in Ask A Ninja, are opening the fest with the first Keynote, and Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab of Channel101.com and Acceptable.tv close it on Sunday.

In between there’s a ton of interesting speakers (Amanda Congdon, Bre Pettis, Fred Seibert, among others).

This is an exciting/scary time in the entertainment industry, and the people gathered at this festival have a good take on what the future of Hollywood is going to start to look like.

I hope to see you in the audience.

3 thoughts on “Pixelodeon Festival 6/9-10”

  1. We’re thrilled to have you guys onboard opening the events. It’s going to be an interesting weekend, with over 300 videos being screened. The indie film crown in L.A. should really pay attention to what’s happening there this weekend — we want to widen the circle of creators and show everyone that they can call their own shots now.

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