Geek Makeover

As most of you know, I’ve been fairly involved with the whole LA g33k scene. What scene you may ask? Exactly. I’ve been running monthly g33k d1nners for over a year and coordinating the local Barcamps, pimping LA when I happen to travel.

I’ve always wanted to do a geek makeover at Barcamp. You know, photograph the geek before and then whisk him away with a fashion designer, only to barely recognize him afterwards. Well Jason James over at Visibly Worn did it this past weekend. I sent a tip about a Perry Ellis dirt cheap sample sale this past weekend. (We’re talking $3-$7 shirts, pants, jackets, etc!)

As it turns out, an advantage of living in LA is that you can buy expensive designer clothing for a tiny fraction of the MSRP. This is accomplished through what’s referred to in the industry as Sample Sales. Those of you who now or at some point in your lives have spent time away from the computer may already know about these things but it was all news to me.

Check out the transformation!

4 thoughts on “Geek Makeover”

  1. ok, whatever, you are lame if you think he looks geekier after than before. I’m not saying I don’t like me the geek look, but come on. You can certainly tell JCrew, from programmer wear.

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