Sweatin’ Bullets: Armed with Tabasco

Photo by begemot_0, used under Creative Commons.

Don Garza explains what shouldn’t need explaining… but unfortunately does… about why the $250,000 toilets in downtown LA are important, and on a larger note why he feels its important he address the hands on needs of the homeless…

…on a similar note,  TJ Sullivan finds compassion for a homeless man in Westwood even after being threatened with being beaten by a bottle of Tabasco sauce.

On the same day Tony Pierce, editor of LAist, rails Los Angeles Magazine for a sloppy targeted marketing, LAist’s Nikki Bazaar expresses support for Real Talk LA, a new competing magazine. Coincidence?

BeFrank quotes Nietzche as he provides some common sense perspective to the MacArthur Park police riots of May 1st.

Opus becomes a swinger as he continues to try “one new thing a day for a year” and has video to prove it.

Green LA Girl has been walking all the streets of Santa Monica and blogging about them… kickoff post here, and today’s entry on the Santa Monica Blvd. stretch from today.

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