Where’s the Juice?!

Lately I have found myself driving around Hollywood with a craving for fresh juice. I’ve had it with Jamba Juice and Robeks ice filled cups, I want a local yummy fresh juice place. Anyone have a tip? Extra special points if you can find me Acerola or Passion fruit.

Tempting photo by Matthieu-Aubry

15 thoughts on “Where’s the Juice?!”

  1. The Juice Fountain moved from Vine to Hollywood Blvd recently… Now it’s right across from the Vine Theatre on Hollywood Blvd, actually.

  2. I was going to suggest The Juice Fountain also, and I had no idea it moved. Thanks for the heads up, Cutter.

  3. I know it’s not Hollywood, but if you’re ever near USC go to La Taquiza (and get yourself some delicious, cheap Mexican food while you’re there). They have 6 different types of fresh juice. Delicious! It’s in a strip mall on the corner of Figueroa and 30th.

  4. have you noticed how they changed their name from “Juice’s Fountain” to “Juice Fountain?”

    Kind of sad, actually. I liked the ambiguous bizarre “Juice’s”

  5. Why not just get a juicer? You can get a decent quality factory refurbished one cheap (less than $40). Then you can have any fresh juice (sans ice) anytime you want.

    Where I live, not far south of you, fruit is on sale so cheap so often in the Latino grocery stores that its almost a wash between fresh squeezed and frozen concentrate.

  6. Why not just get a juicer?

    Ooh, yeah. Great suggestion. We got a juicer last year and I love it. Kind of a hassle to clean, but not terrible.

  7. Alegria on Sunset in Silverlake. Of course you can’t get out of there without having their mole.

  8. I get a shake from the juice fountain every morn. and they have some of the best juice in LA. it’s off the hook.

    Alegria is pretty good but the aquas frescas has been falling off a bit.

    I live at sunset junction and travel to the juice fountian every damn day, thats just how good it is.

  9. if you can stomach the traffic and the occasional attitude, newsroom cafe on robertson has a ridiculously extensive juice menu. bonus tip: fruit-loaded muffins, when hot and fresh (first thing in the morning), are killer.

  10. If you’re by USC there’s the Oaxacalifornia Juice Bar and Ice Cream 3655 South Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90007 inside the Mercado Paloma.

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