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Last weekend I got up early expressly to make it to our fine garage sale. Well, my man had different ideas. As I was tiptoeing out, he surprised me with a proposition for an out of town adventure that meant we had to jump into the car right then. With a tent.

Now, I’m an adventurous girl, but I fantasize about out of town romantic surprises that end up with me naked in the hot tub at the Ritz-Carlton, champagne bottle in hand. He sometimes has different ideas. (Though to his credit, he does make that one happen occasionally).

So, we drive up the coast just north of Santa Barbara to a park called, “Oak Grove” (I think) and to the “Lightning in a Bottle” festival. It was like a mini Burning Man and lots of our friends from San Fran, Ojai and here were gonna be there. Okay, I’m down. And okay, maybe I have to get rid of the whole Ritz Carlton fantasy, because to say it was a blast, is an understatement. We danced to…. seriously, one of the best DJ’s I’ve ever heard, this guy named Loren, from San Francisco. Then we hung out with a bunch of friends the rest of the night and the next day and I realized…. that’s the one thing missing from the sweet life here in LA. Hang time. Just getting together, super chill with people. Talking. No agenda. In town, seeing my friends is a major scheduling drama.

Think about it. It seems to see your friends regularly, you have to work REALLY HARD at aligning your schedules to have lunch and if it’s dinner…. there’s checking with your mate to see if he can make it, what will you cook, or where will you go and drop (at least) a hundred bucks to have a conversation? Just getting together and hanging doesn’t really happen that often. Especially with people stopping by, new people dropping in. I guess that is what’s missing from city life. A sense of community… one that is open and stress free and doesn’t revolve around work or specific groups, etc. I’m not bitching… I do love LA, but to have community, well, it isn’t so easy. And maybe it should be. I know proximity is part of it… if my friends all lived in a mile radius of me, I’d definitley see them more. And there is something very tribal and supportive about seeing the people you really like to hang with every day. And it seems we are tribal in nature, and we’ve gotten away from that. I’m rambling a little… and maybe this connects with seeing every single person as part of your tribe. Yeah, that’s it! I have to see everyone in LA as part of my one big tribe!

Geez, I’m turned into a hippie. Okay, but new school. A techno pagan hippie. Cuz I live in LA.

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  1. I subscribe to the “I don’t hate people but I feel a lot better when they are not around” tribal kinda vibe.

  2. My group has a couple of different “hang times” a week. That way, I get to see most of my friends once or twice a week no matter what. Same times/places for the last ten years.

  3. this is los angeles, not san fran. if you want to be a city hippie you’ll have to move elsewhere!

  4. FYI, the campground is named Live Oak Campground. There’s talk of holding LIB over the Mem Day Weekend next year, making it FOUR days of music, peace and feather fedoras. Can never have enough time to chill with the hippies now, can’t you?

  5. just in case you didn’t know.. Lightning in a Bottle is a festival created by the DoLab… and the DoLab is based smack dab in Los Angeles (downtown…to be exact) …. so there is comunity in the city of LA who know just what you are speaking about.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the event… it really is a tribal community that I personally love… and it’s great to hear what others think of it too.

  6. Wow. Roger… are dolab the people who did the gorgeous dragon at burning man (lightning in a bottle)? I suspected they did the festival because they had so many structures. Thanks.
    And Lucinda… we must have seen each other… so many cool beings

  7. Lightning in a Bottle is why I love what I do for a living. When your boss wants you to film something like that and just hang out, that’s fine with me. Buy anyway, we made a video of everything if you’re curious. Feel free to use the video for reposting if you want, we don’t mind!

  8. hey tammara, the do lab is actually responsible for the 80-foot tall flowers that were outfitted on cranes @ burningman. we don’t do dragons tho…. maybe an idea for a helicopter outfit for the future :). glad you came out and had fun!

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