A whole lotta green at Paramount

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/05/shrek-snickers-thumb.jpgThat would be ogre green and the green of cold, hard cash.

Shrek the Third broke crazy box office records this weekend, making $122 million its three day opening — the 3rd biggest opening of all time, biggest ever for an animated film, and also biggest opening for a PG-rated film.

For the big whigs at Paramount, they’re probably just rolling around in piles of greenbacks.

For everyone else at Paramount, all the workers entering the Paramount lot today are being treated to Shrek hats and various M&M candies (huge “ogre-sized” M&Ms) and Snickers bars (filled with green nougat). So if you see anyone wearing a black baseball cap today, but made out of a softer material with an ‘S’ on the front, ask them how they liked their Shrek candy.

Photo courtesy of Cybele of Candyblog