Very Be Careful

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In 10 minutes, NOW if you turn off that blasted TV and turn on your radio to 90.7 KPFK you might get a chance to hear the Mark Torres show “Travel Tips for Aztlan“, an always good listen for info on the latest music that Latinos are tuning in, or at least should be. Tonite though he has one of LA’s best party bands, the group known as “Very Be Careful“, a Columbian Vallenato style band that brings the Cumbia like nobody else. Some might snicker at the thought of an accordian but for many it’s not the sound of an antiquated polka, but the bellows of a yearning for dance and movement. If you’re on your computer this late on a Saturday night, you ain’t got nothing better to do, tune in!

Polvo! Polvo! Polvo!

Update: you probablly missed it, but if you want to hear the archive within the next few days, check it here

2 thoughts on “Very Be Careful”

  1. I’ve known Mark for years. He very well may be the best radio DJ in L.A. And everybody, not just Latinos, should be tuning in.

  2. All I care about are more pictures of that hottie to the left of that picture. The one with the ig Babylons!

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