Human Joysticks as Pre-Show Entertainment

Picture%201.pngMSNBC is taking the experimental/buzz marketing route with “NewsBreaker”, a ridiculously lame spin on the classic game of pong, but where you gain bonuses and “power ups” by collecting “headlines” that drop down the screen. The game itself is fun enough – a nice work distraction, but does it encourage me to check out MSNBC? Nope, not all… although it clearly has suckered me into mentioning MSNBC.

What is cool about all this, though, is a “live” version of the game MSNBC is touring around nation as “pre-show entertainment” during movies. Utilizing motion sensors, the entire audience has to work together to move the paddle as the game is projected onscreen.

It looks like fun, and sure beats the slideshows or Entertainment Tonight-esque informercials we’re currently subjected to.

“NewsBreaker Live” debuted at the Bridge in Culver City a couple weeks ago during the opening weekend for Spider-Man 3. After the jump is a promo-reel demonstrating the game in action.

…h/t spacetheatre at Digg…