Venice Art Walk


The Venice Art Walk is this weekend, or as my neighbors like to call it, the “don’t even think of trying to park here on Saturday and Sunday” day. If you’re unfamiliar, this is an annual event where local artists open up their studios for you to come and view their working conditions and, of course, their work — especially if it’s for sale. Art events like this are always a mixed bag, but it does get the neighbors out of their apartments/houses/”lofts” so you can see what they look like this year. It’s $50 to do the Art Walk. I wish they had a $25 option for those willing to run. All the money benefits Venice Family Clinic, which is one of the rare (and large) free clinics in Los Angeles. If the price pinches, skip the walk and just show up for Sunday’s outdoor “Food Faire” (the “e” at the end means it’s either fancy or a place to find a Sbarro). I’m going this year hoping to find a shirt I once saw someone wearing. It said “Venice: Where Art Meets Crime.”

2 thoughts on “Venice Art Walk”

  1. As a former Pharma for Pfizer I can say the Venice Family Clinic is a top notch operation.

    I gave them 6 boxes of old comic books so the kids would have something to read in the lobby.

    Go V-F-C!!!!

  2. Alright Sanjay always nice to see art events, especially those featuring local artists. Now IF you could get notice up earlier I would have been able to make it instead of going out to Temecula and checking out their wine and gallery scene.

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