Sweatin’ Bullets: Vaya, Alto, Vaya, Alto

vayaalto.jpgI took this photo at Hollywood and LaBrea. Has anyone else seen any “official looking” street art recently around L.A.?

Sounds like some thin skinned, easily offended jackasses caused Malingering to be censored by Flickr, possibly one of their top users. She says she’s taking a hiatus from the photo sharing site, but will continue to post pics and social commentary at LAist.

Valley News contributor Cara Alson tells a chilling tale of an attempted robbery at her and her husband’s home in North Hollywood. Police told her similar crimes were being reported in the neighborhood: “Perpetrated by groups consisting of men and women (sometimes using their children) using various ruses to get older people in the back yard while a partner burgles the house.”

Ever wonder who’s responsible for cleaning up the mess after you get into a car wreck? LA City Nerd has the answer: YOU ARE.

LA Voices’s Ryan Knoll is a cheap bastard who doesn’t think that every mini-mart employee, dry cleaner, barista, or anyone else who puts out a “tip jar” deserves a tip.

West Hills resident Leslie Bashar uses Valley News to announce her resignation from the board of her Neighborhood Council, that she originally joined to make a difference in her community. “I no longer wish to participate in that falacy,” she writes.

The Cutter Files informs us that the historic Pacific Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. has been taken over by “un-cool people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior”, and he’s one of them. Ecclesia Hollywood appears to be a Christian Church for people who’d be considered hip if it wasn’t for the whole Jesus thing. If I wasn’t so agnostic, I’d consider a visit.