Sea Level Records Drowning, Not Waving

sealevel.jpgA friend called today to tell me Sea Level Records, one of the few indie record stores still left in LA, is closing.


Sea Level (myspace) offered a supportive, community-oriented destination if you wanted to know the best new bands in LA. They’d let you listen before you buy. You knew the owners, and they were really nice folks, people who supported the music scene by orchestrating live in-stores, operating an indie label, sending out e-mail updates, working with local bands to get their stuff in the racks.

This sucks.

I’d call it the Amoeba effect, but it’s prolly not just that; it’s probably also the download effect. Whatever the causes, the fact still remains that there just wasn’t the same commitment from the community that there was on the part of the store itself. Which is disappointing.

Go while you still can, folks, and buy a goddamned record. I don’t know what Sea Level Todd and Sylvia will do after this, but I hope it’s something as infused with passion for the arts as their endeavor here.

Thanks to Hot Knives Evan for the tip.

2 thoughts on “Sea Level Records Drowning, Not Waving”

  1. Never heard of this place, but still makes me sad.

    Everyone needs to check out Fingerprints, in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach. Support independent music stores!

  2. i remember the discount store closing and Sea Level taking its place. i bet they’ll put up a coffee shop or a tea bar next….

    i agree it’s sad. but it’s a sign of the times.

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