Probably the best pizza EVER


I know I’ve been pretty reverent in my posts about Casa Bianca Pizza Pie, but Holy Mackerel (no it’s not on a pizza – yet) that was before I tried Mozza.

This place is nothing short of miraculous – the food is absolutely perfect, and the service – which could very easily be unbearably snotty given the fact that they’re still completely booked at least a month in advance – is even better!

When you go there – and I really really recommend you try – please have the roasted peppers, and any of the pizzas. Chefs Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich spent months perfecting the crust on what is, without question, THE BEST PIZZA I have ever eaten.

Desserts are equally wonderful – simply prepared but utterly perfect.

I’ve eaten there twice – both times we had reservations for before 6pm – but both meals were amazing. Simple, perfect food, not overly prepared or self-indulgent – just exactly what it needed to be.

Try your luck at the counter too – for dinner or lunch.

Pizzeria Mozza
641 N. Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

4 thoughts on “Probably the best pizza EVER”

  1. I actually prefer sitting at the counter when I go there because you get to see them making the pizzas. It’s pretty entertaining.

  2. I went in cautiously, fearing it was being overhyped, but was surprised. Damn good.

    Still, I’m always equally excited by delivered Pizza Hut pizza… must be my permananent 7 year old gene.

  3. OK Rutz get us a lunch reser and its on me to celebrate your anniversary as a Californian…note I didn’t age either of us in the deal.

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