Happy Birthday To Me

[Me, two days before escaping Illinois]

No, it’s not my natal anniversary; it may be something better: the anniversary of the day I moved to Los Angeles.

May 18, 1982, two days after graduating college, I arrived at LAX with two suitcases and a bird cage (home to my African Grey parrot, Kato). Oh and about 850 bucks in my pocket. What an idiot! I figured that money would last me long enough to get a job and an apartment.

A lot has changed. I no longer own the suitcases or the parrot (long dead). I’ve moved probably a dozen times and had at least that many jobs. Met a lot of people, and had more adventures than I can remember.

But my love for this city, right or wrong, is undimmed.

VIva Los Angeles!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me”

  1. We care because she has a good writing voice and a perspective on the thing we call Los Angeles that is worth hearing. Now, get a job.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ruth!

    I moved to LA in ’93 with only $2000 in my pocket… still a dangerously risky move.

    I think anyone who makes the move to LA has balls, and have even more respect for those who stick it out.

    (as opposed to the wanna be actors and filmmakers who quit after one or two years and claim they paid their dues)

    But, are you sure the parrot is dead? Maybe its just pining for the fields.

  3. I was just about to post that it’s “fjords!” And it’s not pining, it’s passed on….

  4. Bah, you spoiled kids and your “money”. I moved out here (10 years ago this April 20th) with the clothes I was wearing and a backpack full of comic books… and never looked back.

  5. And you forgot to add you were chauffered to beautiful St Louis Lambert Int’l in a Pinto Sedan and I had all my luggage in there too! Been a long, long time there pal!

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