Griffith Park answers!

Patty Malone, a field deputy for Tom LaBonge, alerted me to a Blogspot site set up by Rec and Parks with information on the aftermath of the Griffith Park fire, including details on road and trail closures.

As of May 17th, “all parking trails south of Zoo Drive are closed until further notice” with the exception of the Ferndell Entrance. Additionally, all hiking trails are closed, except the east and west Observatory Trails that lead from Ferndell to the Observatory.

All closures are “until further notice”, although in an email, Jane Galbraith, communications director for Tom LaBonge, wrote she believed that all areas of the park “BUT the burned areas will be open as of Saturday.”

As for anyone thinking about sneaking in*:

These areas are legally closed pursuant to 63.45 LAMC and it is a crime to enter any closed area, punishable by up to a $1000 fine and six months in jail.

The Griffith Park Recovery blog also lists information as to where cash donations can be mailed.

Additionally, the public is invited to attend a Griffith Park Community meeting next Wednesday, May 23rd at 6pm. The recovery plan for the park will be discussed. The meeting will be at Friendship Auditorium (3201 Riverside Drive, 90027). LA City Nerd has more info.

Commentary: While its great that Rec and Parks is utilizing a free blog service to get the information out, its a shame that the official Griffith Park page has no mention of the fires or any sort of news page that would allow a potential visitor or neighbor easy access to this information. This is a prime example of how poorly the City of Los Angeles has been utilizing the internet to communicate with the public, and indicative of a larger problem.

The staff at Rec and Parks, along with many other city employees, are clearly aware of the usefulness and ease of blogs to get out critical information – but the question remains why every city agency and elected official doesn’t already have a blog or similar page to inform the residents of updates, emergency information, or other news that they may be turned to for?

*By no means do I mean Heathervescent.

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  1. I was told about the Parks Dept. blog by a park ranger. It has provided useful info as well as kept me updated about things. The comments show how much the park is loved and missed, as well as the frustration over lack of info.

  2. I just posted this to and I’ll post it here too to get it before the eyes of those concerned about Griffith Park:

    I just had conversation with a very nice and helpful person at the Park Rangers office. I told her about the activity on this blog as well as She said there are still several “hot spots” in the park that are still burning, explaining that after a tree burns and falls, the fire can then spread into the root system and burn underground. She said these are potentially dangerous situations and that yesterday flames were visible in the park from one of these types of fires but fortunately it was in a burn area. The fear is that there is a possibility that it could spread to non-burn areas. She also said there is a problem in some trail areas with dirt and rock slides. She said decisions are being made on a day-to-day basis as to what and when to re-open, balanced against potential dangers to park recovery as well as park patrons. She pointed out that as the park re-opens no fires of any kind will be permitted in the park, even smoking. The rangers are as concerned about the park as we are. I hope this is helpful to everyone who feels left in the dark about our beloved park.

  3. There was actually no sneaking necessary, unless it’s using my usually flamboyant driving skills and donning my local dog walking costume. ;)

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