New Queens of the Stone Age single & video…

QOTSA_evavulgaris.jpgOne of LA’s best rock n’ roll bands, Queens of the Stone Age, are set to release a new album entitled “Era Vulgaris” on June 12th.

In the meantime you can check out their new video for the record’s first single “Sick, Sick, Sick”, which is sure to ruin your appetite. Click here to watch the video, then click here to check out a hilarious promo video featuring “Bulby” (who is also on the record’s cover) and finally head over here to download the mp3 of “Sick, Sick, Sick”.

You can (and should) catch QOTSA performing LIVE with their two new members Dean Fertita on keyboards (touring member of The Raconteurs) and Michael Shuman on bass (from Wires On Fire) at that KROQ Weenie Roaster crap and a few other shows coming up. Hit their website for all that kinda info. I’m hoping Bulby gets his own Saturday morning TV show… that I would watch!