Moment of LA Love


I spotted this shirt tacked to the wall in a friends office the other day and snapped a quick shot of it with my phone. It’s an image by Estevan Oriol that I’ve seen plenty of times and yet still smile every time I see it. I’ve been talking about LA to a handful of people recently and it’s just confirmed how much I love Los Angeles. Seriously. The grime, the dirt, the smog, the food, the people, the fires… everything. I’ve only lived here for about 6 years but this city is more my home than any other place has ever been. I love everything about it. I definitely need to get a Los Angeles tattoo, sooner rather than later. That’s all, you go back to whatever you were doing, just felt like sharing that.

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  1. Amen Brother!

    God Bless blogging.LA. God bless Sean Bonner. God bless LA.

    Now let’s get back to ignoring the complaints, insults and comparisons from all those other (playa hating) cities.

  2. Amen Brother!

    God Bless! God bless Sean Bonner! God bless LA!

    Now let’s get back to ignoring the complaints, insults and comparisons from all those other (playa hatin) cities.

  3. Sean, I have lived here for 20 years and it took a while to really love it (about 10). I was at home visiting my mom for mother’s day (Not anywhere near LA) and realized that LA was truly truly my home. And not just because I live here but I realized that It is where I feel the very most at home. Sounds so simple but it was quite an epiphany.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings as well.

  4. Thanks for sharing. My first visit years ago I knew this would be home, took a bit but I made it happen. I totally appreciate the Tshirt. Sums up this city well, human hands spelling it out.
    Better than some old apple or other piece of fruit.
    Now if we can do something about the blemishes we might get a bit closer to paradise

  5. Damn, I love that photo. I’ve tried to buy a print of it twice and haven’t been able to afford it.

  6. It was through apartment-hunting that I finally found all these neighborhoods that made me love this city (and found many that makes this one of the ugliest big city in the country). Though, everyone has to give credit to the non-LA parts of LA, the Pasadenas, Santa Monicas, and Malibus. I wouldn’t have LA pride if it were not for these lucky few who have escaped the clutches of 200 N. Spring St.

  7. I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley (Glendora=L.A. adjacent.) Spent about 10 years in Pasadena. I’ve been gone for two years (NorCal sucks,) but never lost touch with my home. Now I’m finally moving back to Pasadena in two weeks. Can’t wait!

    I love L.A. because it is home.

  8. Out on patrol last night with the IAAL-MAF.

    As we passed the Produce Terminal, I felt a swell of irrational pride at spotting the words “Los Angeles” on the sign, seeing the view of downtown looming ahead, feeling the fucked-up pavement rolling beneath my tires and sensing the promise of cold beer and sushi and warm conversation ahead in Little Tokyo.

    17 years in SoCal, 14 in Los Angeles proper, and I cannot imagine being as in-love with any other city on the planet, and I’ve visited quite a few of the greats.

    L.A.’s a city of extreme highs and lows – some of the poorest have-nots and the filthy-richest haves. It’s always burning down, shaking to pieces and flooding out. Its culture is crass and brilliant, cheap and astonishing, ultra-refined and bloody-raw.

    This is the creative capital of the world, the place where anyone and anything is possible. This is where it’s happening, and even if I’m deluded and it’s not, I love L.A. with open-hearted, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging abandon.

  9. I’ve noticed recently there’s been an upswing in showing LA pride, stickers on cars, t-shirts, hats etc. My family has been in LA for a few generations now, so naturally my world, my home is this city. I worry though, about the segregation I see and the growing rift between classes and ethnicities.

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