Sweatin’ Bullets: Behold the plastic axe!

guitarhero.jpgTaken at the Foolish Frets Guitar Hero II Tournament, “the FIRST EVER Guitar Hero II tournament in Los Angeles” held at Sacred Fools last Saturday, by C.M. Gonzalez. Used under Creative Commons.

Fightin’ Mad Mary calls the cops after she sees the kids next door playing with uber-realistic Air-Soft pistols in their front yard… and without eye protection. Stupid yes? But according to the polce, not illegal.

“Benevolent Jay Leno Stalker” GloZell gets a decent writeup in the Daily News, where she reveals she may stop blogging her daily trips to see Jay Leno may end this summer.

Mayor Sam calls plans to build a park over the 101 in Hollywood a boondoggle and the dumbest idea he’s ever heard, while Sister City contributor, and mayoral candidate, Walter Moore proposes that Los Angeles should build its own nuclear power plant.

Boi from Troy makes the case that there are two LAs: “There’s a Spanish-speaking Los Angeles and an English-speaking Los Angeles and, as recent events here demonstrated, the two rarely speak to each other.”

Mike at Franklin Ave. posts a clip from his interview at G4 TV, which isn’t nearly as dope as the promo-spot he found for KTLA.

Little Angelino goes gay for Lily Allen after her Wiltern Show, where the Brit singer performed between taking Jaeger shots, hocking “a gigantic loogey in front of the drum kit”, and repeatedly forgetting her lyrics. Whats not to love?