12 thoughts on “Shrine Auditorium : HDR Photo Essay”

  1. I’ve worked a number of times at the Shrine, and its always a blast to just explore a bit. The place is huge.
    Did you see the Shriners museum which even has the little cars inside?
    Or the basement, which goes underneath the adjacent ballroom and still has giant Oscar statues props in it?
    Anyway, great shots.

  2. Didn’t see the shriner’s museum, but there is a photo of the basement prop storage in the gallery.

  3. Amazing stuff. Your images are so carefully composed. I do like the hdr and the whole photomatix tonemapping as it really opens the door up to what you can do with digital imaging.

  4. I dont like HDR pictures, it gives the picture a fake feeling and at that point it looses the authenticity of the photo.

  5. To each their own Shawn, some artists use its surreal potential and create very unreal but still powerful images. Others use it like Dave and use it to provide details across the scene much like how the human brain interprets data into an image you understand. Its just a tool.

  6. There’s something I find unsettling about HDR images, but who says a photo has to look realistic?

    It does make me curious to find out if it’s possible to adjust the photos to look more realistic, however. I know it’s a fairly common technique to combine two exposures in Photoshop to achieve dynamic balance without the weird HDR quality, but it’s not as easy as using Photomatix.

  7. I find that realistically tone-mapped HDR images work best at high resolution, where the image is large enough that you can’t see it ‘all at once’, but have to shift your gaze and/or scroll your browser window.

    That makes it much more like natural vision, where your brain is used to coping with exposure changes as your gaze shifts from bright areas to dark and vice-versa.

    Look at eecue’s HDR photos on Flickr in the ‘Large’ or ‘Original’ sizes. They’re just bursting with detail, because they’re not losing half the image to over- or under-exposure, and the change in exposure from brightly to dimly lit areas isn’t all that different from what your eyes do in real life, so at larger sizes they look much more ‘realistic’.

    Eecue’s wide-panorama pics of downtown’s bridges are just wonderful this way. Some of the best panoramas of LA I’ve ever seen.

    Not all HDR goes for realistic tone-mappings, but the stuff that does is much more effective at larger sizes.

    (IMHO, of course.)

  8. Wow thanks SCN, I appreciate that. Yeah they do look better at large size, and if I may say so they look amazing printed out large. I have a show coming up in September that I will post more about soon where you all can see my work large.


  9. All the HDR debates aside, you are going to be showing somewhere in September EECUE? Where? Would like to see your stuff up close and personal as they are superbly crafted images!

  10. in Downtown Los Angeles, at Art Murmur. The show soft-opens on art walk, on the 15th and the full opening is on the 17th. =]

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