Rock and Roll Bingo?

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Now I’ve heard everything!

Tomorrow, rock legend Wayne Kramer encourages legal gambling for charity. It’s the kick-off night of VH1’s Rock Honors Week in Los Angeles, so VH1 and the LA Weekly present a night of all ages Rock and Roll Bingo.

Following in the generous footsteps of Morello, Flea and those Weezer dudes, Wayne will call ’em like he sees ’em at Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo.

100% of the proceeds benefit The LifeLab. The LifeLab is dedicated to helping young adult cancer survivors rebuild their lives after treatment and offer them tools to make it possible. Come on down and play some bingo. Some lives are depending on it…

Win great prizes! All ages! For a great cause! Surprise performances after the gambling!

$5 per Bingo card.
Thursday, May 17th
6:30pm until 10:30pm
Cranes Hollywood Tavern,
1611 N. El Centro Ave
(bet. Selma & Hollywood),
Hollywood, CA 90028

3 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Bingo?”

  1. As in MC5 Wayne Kramer?

    “Kick out the B23 jams mothufucka……” Man, that’d be so bad ass!

  2. Yep, one and the same.

    He’s a very cool dude – last time I saw him we were bowling together (Wait For It) at Phil Spector’s birthday party!

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