Vine Bar Closed Indefinitely

Emails went out tonight from DJ Xian informing the L.A. goth community that the Darkroom on Tuesdays is closed. I assumed it was because the club had started a new night, and wanted the goths out. But when I went to LADEAD to find out WTF happened, I found out that no, the entire venue is “closed indefinitely”. That includes Disko Nekro on Saturdays, and Suicide Wednesdays

Yeah, you heard it, folks – the Vine Bar is closed for the time being. There’s a MySpace blog entry that details some of the more salacious details. For those of you who were involved with the club, those details also include the info for the farewell gathering on Friday.

Well, dammit. NOW where am I supposed to go to mope on Tuesdays? Or, for that matter, Saturdays? The fiance and I went over to Disko Nekro a couple times on Saturdays to check it out, especially after finding out that Bar Sinister has started playing bad techno remixes instead of, well, Sisters of Mercy. I liked going to the old-school goth/deathrock/postpunk environment instead, and it always looked like it was doing well in terms of bar fullness.

Finally, what will this mean for L.A.’s status as the best city for goths in America? We’ll probably always have Bats Day, but now, I’ve seen four goth nights shut down in the last year – Blacklist, Black Sun, Darkroom and Disko Nekro. Hopefully, a more stable venue will emerge to fill this gap.