The new Helio Ocean, a mural, a monkey and some artistic questions.

Over the weekend the moment I’d been waiting for, Helio finally introduced their sick new double sliding phone, the Ocean, and I rushed down to their store on the 3rd St. Promenade to pick one up. The 3rd St. Promenade was kind of terrifying and had it not been for the monkey that shook my girlfriend’s hand or the fact that I got a totally rad new phone, I don’t think I could’ve handled that place. Regardless, in my googling around for Ocean related stuff, I found this video of Tim Biskup painting an Ocean mural over by 616 N La Brea. It’s kind of fun to watch, if not just for the crazy street people who walk into the screen towards the beginning.

It also kind of brings up an interesting point I was discussing with another artist, UPSO, who recently exhibited some work at a Scion event. The conversation revolved around commissioning artists to work for corporate clients and how it effects their art. I think the Ocean mural here and UPSO’s stuff for Scion were both fun pieces and.. dudes got paid! Apparently some people disagreed pretty hard though. Any thoughts from our wisened readsership?

3 thoughts on “The new Helio Ocean, a mural, a monkey and some artistic questions.”

  1. Sweet jejovah how do I get that gig? Seriously I get both sides of the argument, ultimately the artist needs to decide how much or how little they are willing to compromise based on what the client wants. A corporate client sometimes has an understanding of the artists style and media when they approach them so the artist has more control than they may think. Its hard to resist the carrot and want to move out of the role of the starving artists so it really boils down to how much are you willing to bend and for what.

  2. I am no artist by any means so maybe that has something to do with it but I do not understand what this mural (I drive by it every day) has to do with a phone.

    I think its a cool mural. Interesting, fun, uses the space well. But, as far as i can tell, has absolutely zero value as an advertisement for Helio’s new phone.

    Maybe someone can shed some light on that for me.

  3. Smidty,

    Advertising often has very little to do with promoting the various rational or objective reasons to buy a product… it’s all about irrational, emotional, and cultural appeal. An advertisement in this style for something like the Helio Ocean is going to be infinitely more effective than something that showcases the “features” of the product. Helio is trying to capture a demographic that values image above all else. You said it yourself, the mural is “cool”, “interesting”, and “fun”. Exactly how Helios users want to be defined by their ownership of that particular phone. Helios knows this.

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