Local Pasadena News Coverage Not Being Outsourced to India After All

I’ve been sitting on a story for a couple of days about how the news site Pasadena Now was planning on outsourcing two local reporting positions to India:

James Macpherson, editor and publisher of the Pasadena Now website, hired two reporters last weekend to cover the Pasadena City Council. One lives in Mumbai and will be paid $12,000 a year. The other will work in Bangalore for $7,200.

So, on the Indian version of Craigslist, he posted an ad that said in part, “We do not believe that geographic distance between California and India will present unsurmountable problems, and that working together with you will result in your development of a keen working knowledge of this city’s affairs.”

However, when I Googled it just now so I could finally write about, I discovered that KCAL reported this morning that the plan is on hold. They’ve been so busy dealing with media response to the story that they haven’t been able to train the correspondents. Sounds like they’re still planning on moving ahead once the storm settles, though.